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Global Prayers of All Faiths for Peace in the Ukraine

Opportunity to pray with a world of dedicated believers for peace in the Ukraine Friends from the Parliament of World Religions, the Baptist World Alliance, and the United Nations Religious NGOs. We are speaking and praying prophetically against the Ukrainian invasion. This event will be held this Thursday at the UN Church House. *I am flying in for this event that *I have posted more details below. *I invite you all to attend either in person or virtually.  [*I here is TJ Williams-Hauger] Interfaith Partners to Host “Global Prayers for Ukraine” in Special Multi-Faith Service for Peace and Freedom at the UN. People of faith across the world have condemned the escalation of violence from Russia and have declared steadfast support for Ukraine and its people in the defense of their sovereignty and their democracy. The Parliament of the World’s Religions and The Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN, in partnership with communities of faith, invite people and communities of faith, spirituality, and conscience to join the “Global Prayers for Ukraine: a multi-faith service for peace and freedom in a hurting world”. The prayer service will feature prayers from diverse faith expressions upholding peace and freedom, share reflections of solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian community around the world, call for a peaceful resolution to this conflict, and listen to messages from our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. The interfaith service will be hosted on Thursday, March 3rd at 12 noon Eastern Time at the United Nations Church Center Chapel, open to the New York City community in-person and live streamed to participants around the world via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Read & Share the Parliament’s Statement on the Illegal Invasion of Ukraine Is your community supporting those affected by the conflict on the ground? Share the information on how the global interfaith movement can support your efforts at