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Settlement Project Representatives at FreedomWorks Summit on Investor Integrity

Settlement Project representatives attend FreedomWorks‘ Investor Integrity Summit,

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Settlement Project representatives President, Frank Kaufmann and Virginia Rep., Pier Angelo Beltrami attended FreedomWorks‘ Investor Integrity Summit, at FreedomWorks Headquarters on K Street NE, Washington DC

The idea of “Investor Integrity” in this particular occasion was created to describe a broad range of Summit content related to anti free-market philosophies and strategies currently pushing US and other free market areas toward state control in the name of “Stakeholder Capitalism.” People familiar with this work to undermine personal freedom via economic infiltration are familiar with a central tenet of this agenda commonly summarized in the acronym “ESG,” Environment, Social (Justice), and Governance.

 ESG originated in 2019, at The World Economic Forum, articulated in the WEF’s updated “Davos Manifesto.” 

The approximately 40 guests in attendance from throughout the United States participated in a welcome reception and mixer Monday, and a day of sessions and presentations Tuesday. Eight sessions, 10 speakers.

Please see the conference agenda to see the topics covered.

Please see here for information on all Speakers

Content and information given in these presentations will appear on these pages as they become available from Summit organizers FreedomWorks,