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Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration, and New York State Legislative Resolution for “YOGA DAY”

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Dr. Frank Kaufmann of Twelve Gates Foundation attended New York State Senator Kevin Thomas’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration at the state-of the art, Island Tree Library public auditorium.

The celebration was presented by Senator Kevin Thomas to honor outstanding Asian and Pacific Islander Americans for their outstanding achievements and contributions to American life and society. Senator Thomas himself is America’s first-ever Indian-American to be elected to the New York State Senate

Here are pictures of this wonderful day of celebration, on Long Island, NY

Here is the program of the event

Long Island Asian Pacific I… by Frank Kaufmann

One of the awardees was H.H. Guru Dileepkumar Thankappan, this time to celebrate the fact that on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, New York State Assembly adopted June 21st as the Yoga Day in New York State.

Here is the video of the legislative session, in which this resolution was passed:

Dr. Kaufmann was also present during these festivities in his capacity as Twelve Gates President and Advisor & NGO Representative of the World YOGA Community to the United Nations.