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Masked Attacks on Free Speech

This podcast has to do with this yet another back door being used to infringe upon the God-given rights of American citizens to speak freely. 


Podcast Transcript

On July 15, attorney Abbe Lowell, the lawyer representing President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, sent a cease and desist letter to former President Donald Trump’s attorney.

Lowell claimed that Mr. Trump’s rhetoric on social media may inspire injury to Hunter Biden or his family. This is according to an ABC News report. The attorney accused President Trump of defaming and harassing his client on social media on an almost daily basis since his, Hunter’s indictment.

Lowell’s letter was delivered to four of President Trump’s current attorneys. He wrote, “I’m sending you this letter to make a demand that your client, former President Donald Trump, cease and desist from making public statements about my client, which are both defamatory and likely to incite Mr. Trump’s followers to take action against Mr. Biden, and which could lead to his or his family’s injury.”

My concern, the reason why I record this brief podcast today, has to do with this yet another back door being used to infringe upon the God-given rights of American citizens to speak freely.

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The fact is, every single thing anybody ever says has the potential to incite injury against some other person. I could say, “I like James Smith,” and someone from America’s  300 million citizens, could come to the conclusion that Frank Kaufmann’s affirmation of  James Smith is the final proof that James Smith must be eliminated or incapacitated by whatever means necessary.

That deranged person could then go rent a van, rent a Nazi flag (perhaps available from a local FBI provider of incriminating props), drive across the country, and park outside of James Smith’s suburban home, ready to do poor James harm.”

The premise in Attorney Lowell’s cease-and-desist order to President Trump, is that if anyone says anything about anyone that causes someone, deranged or not, to think or act in a criminal fashion, the speaker of whatever random opinion would be held responsible for the criminal’s action. This is just another back door for that censorship cabal to continue its determination to press against the absolute and irrevocable right of American citizens to speak as they will.

It may well be, I believe it happens to be, the opinion of President Trump that Hunter Biden has committed grave and egregious crimes, has harmed the United States of America in unspeakable ways, and is being protected by a corrupt and weaponized DOJ, FBI and various US government agencies for political purposes.

President Trump, as an American citizen, could hook up a megaphone to a fire hydrant with a tape recorder and say, “Hunter Biden and his father are criminals who should be imprisoned for life, who are being protected illegally by the federal government,” and have this pouring out on to social media until the end of his days.

To tie this as does Abbe Lowell to the idea that doing so might cause harm to his client is simply an underhanded deceit meant to arouse the howls of the lapdog media committed to silence speech.

Everything might cause harm to his client or his family. I am making a brief podcast once again, not to mention anything about President Trump, not to describe anything about Hunter Biden, but to express my extreme discontent at the way anti-free-speech activists, the censorship Gestapo in America try to normalize concepts and language that infringes on First Amendment rights given by God to every American.

In my prior podcast, I spoke about the use of the terms “disinformation” and “misinformation” as a form of mind reading to get to the intent of people so as to censor and destroy them, and to avoid the simple observation of truth and falsehood and of criminality and obedience to the law.

If some guy drives across the country with a Nazi flag in his rented van and a paper clip gun made out of cardboard, it has nothing to do with President Trump. It has everything to do with a person acting in a criminal fashion, and there are laws that are designed to address people who are caught engaging in criminal activity. I make this podcast for the sake of asking my listeners to be alert to and to not swim in the language manipulation and the legal and cultural manipulation of back door means of silencing dissenting opinions, voices, thoughts, facts, information.

America was founded on the fact that its citizens are free to speak. Please, let’s be alert to where that is being attacked, and where strategies are being applied to destroy this God-given right.

I’m free to speak because God created the universe. The universe eventually produced my parents, and I was born. By being born, I have the right to speak. Attorneys like Abbe Lowell, trying to close down President Trump’s criticism of his client should be deemed shameful, and a personal attack on every American citizen.

There should be no attention paid to anyone designing efforts to stop someone from expressing an opinion.

Thank you for listening. Talk to you again soon.