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Totalitarianism by Labeling Information

There are two terms that have become commonplace, that to me are two of as dangerous as any that now infect our language. These are the terms misinformation and disinformation.They are pervasive. They flood our lives every day, and are taken for granted as meaningful, and part of our common concern. 


Totalitarianism by Labeling Information

by Frank Kaufmann

Podcast Transcript

There are two terms that have become commonplace, that to me are two of as dangerous as any that now infect our language. These are the terms misinformation and disinformation.

They are pervasive. They flood our lives every day, and are taken for granted as meaningful, and part of our common concern. 

They are neither meaningful, nor should they be part of our common concern. They are thin shields for lawless totalitarianism and the smiling face above the jackboot crushing our first amendment and most important God-given rights. 

Information can be simply right or wrong. The terms that we should use discussing this all important part of our lives should be simply good information, or bad, correct information or wrong information. 

By adding the prefixes dis or mis in front the assessment shifts away from the information itself, and moves to assessing the speaker. It paints the speaker as malicious. And sets up the perfect ruse to silence, remove, and destroy any individual or group with whom I disagree. 

Imagine having built and, and everyone plays along, where no one can simply be wrong. That anytime you’re wrong, or even worse some self-appointed condescending , tyrant, thought police dictator THINKS you’re wrong, you are deemed an enemy of good, an enemy of the people (now called a threat to Democracy)  and no measure is too harsh or inhumane enough to remove and destroy you. 

How does anyone know your intentions? Every time the words misinformation or disinformation are used, the sole purpose is to smear and destroy the speaker. To silence them and deny them their human rights guaranteed by God. 

Who makes that judgment about your intentions? Who has that power or that right? As the street saying goes, “Who died and made you God?”

And yet we give people these God-like rights over our lives everytime we carelessly and casually use these terms. 

These words are literally nothing other than tools of a power elite bent on silencing dissent, and pursuing complete control. 

Do people deliberately mislead? Of course. These people have been around from the beginning of time, and are called liars or con men. 

Does anyone really believe you can pass legislation to prevent people from lying? Can you pass legislation to prevent people from stretching the truth? Or from not liking someone, or some group of people?

Can you pass legislation to stop people from selling you the Brooklyn Bridge? Or a crappy home insurance policy? Or a chintzy case for your cell phone?  Or an over-priced pair of jeans.

No, we can’t stop people from trying to con us. 

But here’s who can help me to not be conned. Or who can help me when someone says something about me that’s not true. 

Me. I can help me. And my dad, and my aunt, and my friend. I can read, I can pray, I can ask people I trust. I can sharpen my Spidey senses. 

But what I don’t want is to give some disgruntled, perverse university professor, or a corrupt legislator, or a lost techie with a delete button the right to silence people, and treat them as public enemies and villains because they think or say something.

Two things have brought us to this mindless cooperation by using language meant to enslave and silence us. 

The first is the gradual reduction of truth to information 

The second the growth of policy meant to control and legislate thought and conscience

For anyone who is religious or spiritual, youi immediately will recognize both of these as the loss of God, church, religion, and family in modern life. And once these are abandoned, there’s no shortage of people bloated with the desire to play God. Pitiful people who somehow can manage to believe that they alone are good and virtuous, and should therefore control and force all others to their will. 

Like all things that end up doing great harm, they always present themselves as good at first. And then, in time become sick, ravenous monsters. 

I cannot go into this in detail. Perhaps for another podcast. 

But the evolution of these two things is first the worship of science. (mistking fact for truth)

And second the deceit of false care and concern. (Provided they are pass the victimhood test.)

This started with the introduction of the idea of “hate crimes,” that began in the US in the late 1960s. 

From there the next obvious step for policing people’s minds was the concept of hate speech. Now mind-reading legislation can ferret out and punish people’s inner biases if they say something distasteful or even hurtful.. 

We move now toward criminalizing hollering out something mean to someone, provided the target is a member of a card carrying group of victims. 

Now we’ve got momentum. 

The toboggan  merrily speeds downhill and we slalom criminalizing speech, finally to the subtle, circular genius of  victimhood professionals refining the dogma until we finally have speech as harm and speech as violence. 

With this in place the arsenal against God-given human rights of conscience, thought, and speech is complete. I decide what information is correct. I decide your intentions, and when you utter something with which I disagree, you have committed assault. Do you mean to tell me there is such a thing as a girl? You better think twice before answering. The penalty for assault is 5 years hard time without the possibility of parole. 

To conclude:

Do not play along. Do not use the words misinformation and disinformation, and do not allow them to be a part of your search for knowledge and understanding. 

There is good information and bad information. There are truth tellers and there are liars. There are people out there who will say anything to lie, cheat, and steal.  

Learn to tell which is which and who is who. Do the work. Read a lot. Ask friends and family for help. 

And when you can be generous of heart. 

Give people a break. Allow people to be wrong. Allow them to learn. And help where you can