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Settlement Project President Featured in Elon University’s Report on Artificial Intelligence

Settlement Project President, Dr. Frank Kaufmann was recently featured in Elon University's report on artificial intelligence. Elon University's Imagining the Digital Future Center published a report, "Experts' Imagine the Impact of Artificial Intelligence by 2040" featuring a wide range of opinions by experts from diverse fields. The publication explores the potential impact of AI on society.

AI and the Singularity by Frank Kaufmann

AI seemed to burst into our lives suddenly. One day it seemed not to exist at all, and the following day it seemed to exist everywhere, in countless inscrutable forms, brands and promises. It instantly seemed to erupt a class of people as immersed in AI as fully as the rest of us count on our eyes to see. There’s the Chatbot app itself, the people, the companies, and as suddenly a billowing industry of experts, programs, seminars, and teachers and trainers. 

Hopes and Dangers: The Future of Technology

WHEN IS TECH GOOD, WHEN IS TECH BAD The punchline is always this: To the extent that humans are impulsively driven by compassion and concern for others and for the good of the whole there is not a single prospective technological or digital breakthrough that bodes ill in its own right. To the extent that humans are impulsively driven for self-gain with others and the good of the whole as expendable in the equation, even the most primitive industrial/technological development is to be feared.